Salacia reticulata

Salacia Reticulata Extract
  • Botanical name : Salacia reticulata
  • Family : Hippocrateacaea
  • Common Name : Salacia, Kotalahimbatu, Saptarangi
  • Part used : Root and stem bark
  • Phytochemicals : Tannins 20 % By UV and Triterpenes Saponins 20% By Gravimetric.

About Salacia reticulata

  • Diabetes. Early research suggests that consuming salacia tea with each meal might lower 
  • hemoglobin A1C (HbA1C) levels in people with 
  • type 2 diabetes. HbA1C is a measure of 
  • blood sugar control. A single dose of salacia, in combination with a meal, also seems to reduce after-meal
  • insulin levels and reduce after-meal 
  • blood sugar in healthy volunteers and in people with
  •  type 2 diabetes. These reductions indicate better blood sugar control. Other early research suggests that taking salacia with food for 6 weeks seems to reduce pre-meal blood sugar and HbA1C levels in patients with
  •  type 2 diabetes.
  • Itchingskin.
    Joint problems.
    Losing weight.
    Other conditions.
    More evidence is needed to rate the effectiveness of salacia for these uses.