Mango seeds Extract

  • Botanical name : Mangifera indica
  • Family : Anacardiaceae
  • Common Name : Aam Indian mango
  • Standardized For : Saponins Up to 40%
  • Part used : Seed
  • Phytochemicals : Tannins and Saponins

About Mango seeds

Mango seeds are outstanding for lowering the levels of blood sugar and in the treatment of diabetes. So they are quite beneficial for those suffering from diabetes. These seeds help to change the enzymes in the intestine and liver, so that they absorb less glucose. Due to reduction of glucose absorption, blood sugar is also lowered. Mango seeds also help in reducing fat, weight of the body and the circumference of the waist.

Other Traditional uses and benefits of Mango seed

  • Butter is used in curing diarrhea, dysentery and stomach pain.
  • Mango seed when taken during periods helps to controls excessive bleeding and white discharge.
  • Mango butter taken with a spoon of honey is used as a home remedy for piles.
  • The butter is also used in aromatherapy for hair care and skincare.
  • It is also used in cosmetic trade for making hair conditioners, face creams, soap and lotions.
  • Using the powder of dried Mango seeds as tooth paste, strengthens the gums and helps in curing dental problems foul smell pyorrhea.
  • Seed is astringent to the bowels and used in chronic diarrhea, cooling, aphrodisiac; a good collyrium.
  • Unripe fruit is said to be useful in opthalmia and eruptions and the seeds in asthma.
  • Kernel is described as an anthelmintic and containing a large quantity of gallic acid, highly useful in bleeding piles and menorrhagia.
  • Take some dried mango seed kernel powder with water to treat menorrhagia.
  • Mix finely ground mango seeds with buttermilk and take it two times a day to get relief from piles and other such disorders.
  • Moderate consumption of mango seed can help reduce the risk of heart-related problems and hypertension.