Chlorophytum Species Extract

Chlorophytum Species Extract
  • Botanical Name : Chlorophytum species
  • Common name : Safed Mushli
  • Standardized For : Up to 50% Saponin by Gravimetric
  • Description : Brown Colored Dry Powder, Mucilaginous in Taste
  • Plant part used : Root

About Chlorophytum Species

Safed mushli is a highly beneficial medicinal plant with a lot of valuable medicinal properties and uses. Its scientific name is chlorophytum borivilianum and is a member of the Liliaceae family of the plants.

Safed mushli is really one of the most potent and most resourceful herbs in Ayurveda and has the potential to treat many different medical conditions. This herb is also an active component in several unani, homeopathic, and allopathic medicinal formulations. It does not have any major side effects.

Safed Mushli's Multiple Benefits

Use a Revitalizer Curative and Restorative

Safed mushli, enriched with multiple health benefits is a key ingredient used for the preparation of hundreds of ayurvedic medicines. This herbal supplement is well known as a revitalizer, curative and restorative of immunity functions in body.
As per research, safed mushli extract is found to be as an excellent aphrodisiac medicine for treating various reproductive disorders. Prolonged result without inducing any side effect is the main advantage of using this herbal remedy for treatment. Amazing health benefits featured in safed mushli makes it as a number one choice of health practitioners.
Health benefits delivered by this natural cure include controlling blood sugar level, preventing arthritis, boosting energy production in cells and curing fatigue. Nowadays, you can easily get safed mushli products from market.
Safed Mushli is a widely prescribed cure for treating fatigue problems. Safed mushli, enriched with glycosides improves the functioning of reproductive organs and prevents the risk of impotency in men. Safed mushli can be described as a perfect alternative of Viagra. Intake of this herbal supplement improves debility in both males and females. It boosts libido and builds up stamina and vitality of body naturally.
Safed mushli gives out both physical as well as psychological health benefits on user. Nervous disorders, one among the main causes of reproductive disorders can be well cured by consuming this health supplement. It relaxes nerve cells and alleviates all kinds of nervous disorders like stress, anxiety and depression. Intake of Safed mushli improves the overall health and wellbeing of person. It treats the underlying cause of problem and prevents the formation of health disorders.

Use as A Reproductive disorder in like Infertility

Today most of us are living a highly hectic and busy life. Male infertility because of oligospermia or low sperm count is a commonplace health disorder among men these days. Other reasons for male infertility include semen deficiencies and poor semen quality.
The risk factors for male infertility may be physical, psychological or a combination of both. Some of the risk factors are strenuous riding of vehicles, obesity, genetic defects, hormonal imbalance, excessive alcohol intake, excessive smoking, over-intake of canned or tinned food items, medications like anabolic steroids, Spironolactone, Cimetidine, chemotherapy drugs etc, stress and prostate health problems etc.
Symptoms of male infertility vary from person to person. Intake of herbal supplements can effectively solve male infertility issues and increase male fertility. Safed mushli is one such herbal cure for reproductive disorders in males and can increase male fertility. A lot of researches have been made on users and they establish the fact that safed mushli can work amazingly on male reproductive inadequacies. Daily intake of safed mushli improves semen quality, sperm count, thereby promoting male fertility.
Safed mushli is safe and can be used for any length of time by males of any age-group. Intake. Safed mushli apart from addressing the problem of male infertility also rectify various other health related issues. They serve as an adept rejuvenator promoting the overall well being of a person. Regular intake of mushli improves nerve cell functioning and lowers the risk of disorders of the nervous system. Apart from alleviating stress and anxiety disorders, mushli acts as a natural tonic for improving memory and power of concentration of person.
It improves the functioning of the central nervous system and allows faster sexual arousal. Improved blood circulation is another key benefit of mushli intake. Blood circulation to the genitals is immensely boosted and so is the gratification out of sexual union. Also by promoting blood circulation, safed mushli enhances cellular energy, stimulates the functioning of reproductive organs, increases sperm count and improves semen volume and quality. All these collectively increase male fertility.

Use as Herbal Aphrodisiacs Health Rejuvenator Safed Mushli

The growing demands and challenges of today's work scenario leave little time for people to relax and de-stress. There is always some or the other deadline haunting working people, and to add to that, there are overtime hours, late night shifts, etc. All this affects one's health badly, especially because of the irregularities in one's sleeping cycles and eating patterns. And this leads to low stamina, low immunity, constant weakness, fatigue, mental and physical stress, diseases and ailments etc. What is worse is that it even reduces the desire for sexual intercourse in a lot of people.
This is where Safed mushli comes in. It is a natural health supplement, which helps to build one's stamina and immunity. Not only does it work towards repairing damaged tissues and making body muscles stronger, but it also works on eradicating physical and mental stress. People who have consumed Safed mushli regularly have experienced a major change in their stamina and endurance levels, and have admitted to the fact that they feel healthier and happier.
Having aphrodisiac properties, Safed mushli improves the blood circulation in the body, thereby curing many kinds of health problems. Moreover, it helps to correct hormonal imbalances and brings about a boost in one's sexual performance too. It takes care of the libido, and ensures that the semen count also gets better. So those who had been facing a lack of desire for passion earlier will find Safed mushli to be extremely useful, as it will revive the feeling for sexual intercourse in them again.
Current lifestyle patterns do not give people enough time to indulge in regular exercising, and also forces them to be dependent on outside food, which often causes malnutrition and other related problems. Safed mushli takes care of all such issues by upgrading the body's health level, and by internally working on the immune system.
Many might wonder that all of this is too good to be true. However, the good news is that all of this has actually been scientifically proven and testified. There are many medical practitioners all over the world, who recommend the consumption of Safed mushli to their patients. In fact, this natural health supplement is so safe, that unlike other rejuvenating, this one has no side effects. It is made of completely natural substances.

Herbal Remedy for Erectile Dysfunction Sexual Weakness in Men

Safed mushli is a highly beneficial medicinal plant with a lot of valuable medicinal properties and uses. Its scientific name is chlorophytum borivilianum and is a member of the Liliaceae family of the plants. Safed mushli is really one of the most potent and most resourceful herbs in Ayurveda and has the potential to treat many different medical conditions. This herb is also an active component in several unani, homeopathic, and allopathic medicinal formulations. It does not have any major side effects.
It is enriched with a lot of proteins, vitamins, alkaloids, saponins, polysaccharides, resins, phenol, and steroids. It also contains minerals like potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Due to its ability to cure many physical health problems and tiredness, this herb is very popular all over the world. The normal dose of this herbal supplement is 500mg to 1000mg two times daily with water or milk. It is recommended to take regularly for three to four months to get the maximum results.
Let us now see the effects of mushli on health. As mentioned earlier, this herb has the power to cure a wide range of medical diseases and problems. However, safed mushli is best known for their ability to get rid of several male conditions and to improve reproductive health in both males and females.
Safed mushli have been proven to be very effectual in curing many male issues like premature ejaculation, low libido or lack of sexual desire, decreased sperm count, male infertility, and sexual weakness. They are also helpful to deal with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, two other very common male conditions. It can facilitate the production of healthy and good quality semen and improve the sperm motility.
Moreover, it can also be taken by women to improve their libido. These capsules can aid them attain multiple orgasms. This herbal supplement is actually very beneficial for those women who suffer from frigidity or lack of sexual desire. It is also a good cure for the dryness of the female reproductive organ and dyspareunia.
Beneficial effects of Safed mushli It can boost your blood circulation, energize your body, and increase your stamina and endurance. They can be used as a tonic for general health and vigor. Safed mushli has a rejuvenating effect and is best for enhancing your immunity. It also helps decrease the amount of fat and increase the level of HDL cholesterol in the body. This herb is also useful to reduce blood sugar levels, increase muscle mass, and to treat arthritis.
Safed Mushli Can be used by Women for Good Health

Both physical as well as psychological health of person plays a very important role in performing daily life activities. Good health symbolizes the wellbeing of body and mind of person. Leading healthy lifestyle is one among the natural techniques to maintain good health condition.
Apart from following healthy lifestyle, herbal supplements are found to be very useful in giving out good health. Safed mushli is one such herbal supplement used for improving the health of person. It can be used by both males and females of all ages. Inclusion of mushli in diet minimizes the risk of diseases and promotes good health. Potential nutrients and minerals enriched in safed mushli prevent fatigue and promote good health in women. Let's see how can intake of safed mushli promotes good health in women.
As per studies, mushli extract is well known as an aphrodisiac agent. Presence of natural steroid saponin, 30% alkaloids, proteins, polysaccharides and carbohydrates in mushli boosts cellular energy and gives out good health to women. It has been used for centuries for the preparation of ayurvedic medicines.
This nutritive tonic is an excellent remedial measure for preventing reproductive disorders. Consuming safed mushli extract as per the guidance of physician improves the overall strength of reproductive organ. Active ingredients present in mushli like glycosides provide better functioning of reproductive organs and cure infertile problems. It is completely safe and can be described as a natural alternative to Viagra supplement.
Maintaining hormonal balance is one among the main advantages of using safed mushli extracts. It stimulates the production of growth hormones and improves metabolic functions of body. Proper hormone secretion helps mammary glands to provide sufficient milk in lactating mothers. Calming down of nerve cells is a highlighting feature coming under the list of health benefits of safed mushli. It helps women in attaining good health by reducing the level of nervous disorders like anxiety, stress and depression. Regulating menstrual cycle is another advantage of including these capsules in diet. Regular use of mushli reduces the risk of menstrual problems like dysmenorrheal and provides good health to women.
Controlling blood cholesterol level is an important advantage of using mushli extract. By maintaining cholesterol level of body, mushli reduces the risk of obesity and heart problems. Today, it is one among the widely prescribed herbal supplements to reduce LDL cholesterol in body. Inclusion of safed mushli extracts in diet regulates blood sugar level and prevents the risk of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia.
Increasing the strength of immune system of body is another health benefit of using safed Mushli. It rejuvenates body cells and helps women to attain good health and stamina to overcome diseases. Today, this is a best recommended health supplement for pregnant women. It provides sufficient nutrients for cellular growth and decreases fatigue problems. For attaining best result, it is advised to use safed mushli capsules twice per day. Promoting libido, increasing sensation and providing faster arousal are other advantages of using safed mushli.
At present, Safed mushli medicinal herb can be described as a common ingredient used for the preparation of ayurvedic medicines. This natural aphrodisiac is completely safe and induces zero side effects on user. It is commonly known in the names of safed mushli, dholi mushli, swetha mushli and shedhaveli. It can be chosen as a safe alternative to viagra. This medicinal herb is commonly found in central zones of India. It is sweet to taste and well known for amazing cooling property. It is a perfect composition of alkaloids, minerals, vitamins, proteins, steroids and polysaccharides. This health giving tonic is well known as a sex vitalizer.
Curing respiratory disorders is one among the effective health benefits of using mushli. Consuming root extracts as per the guidance of a physician helps in reducing the risks of respiratory disorders. Health benefit of safed mushli in pregnant women is really notable. It acts as a nutritive tonic for both mother and fetus. This medicinal herb also helps in replenishing body fluids during post partum stage. It is considered as an excellent nutritive tonic for lactating mothers. Including mushli extract in diet helps in improving the quantity of milk in feeding mothers.
Regular intake of mushli is a perfect cure for controlling and preventing obesity. Daily consumption of mushli extract as per the guidance of physician stimulates the functioning of anti oxidant enzymes and prevents free radical mechanism. It is a perfect choice for body builders those who wish to increase their muscle mass and power. It rejuvenates body cells and boosts energy and stamina of person. It is a commonly prescribed remedy for those people suffering from leucorrhoea and premature ejaculation problems. Increasing desire, promoting multiple orgasms, assisting to last longer in bed, strengthening immune system and improving erection are other health benefits of safed mushli.
Safed mushli is a popular aphrodisiac agent for enhancing male potency. Today, extracts of safed mushli is one among the commonly prescribed herbal remedies for low sperm count condition. mushli is a powerful herbal supplement with highest grade safed mushli extract. It can be effectively used for curing various health problems. It is a premium quality herbal product manufactured under GMP certified production facilities. mushli can be used for long term to improve overall health and wellbeing. Taking mushli two times a day with milk or water will boost your immunity, strengthen your organs and increase energy level.